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1 on 1 Coaching Session with Eilin Peiffer

Do You Want To Edit Your Portraits Like a Pro?

Work as easy and efficient as possible without wasting time
How to create beautiful pictures without Lightroom
Discover my top 5+ Photoshop secrets that make people go "WOOW"
Get a ''themed'' Instagram Feed with stunning portraits thats are sharp & poppy even if you're just starting out as a photographer

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Who is Eilin Peiffer?


My name is Eilin Peiffer, I'm a German portrait photographer who works internationally but mostly and preferably with clients in Miami Florida. 

My art is featured on my 5.600+ Followers Instagram account and in several magazines.

My clients would describe my photographic style as poppy, high-contrast and rich in color. 

That's why most of them apply a second time for a shoot with me.

How can you book a 1on1 Session?

1. Click on the  Button

Fill out the application form honestly and conscientiously. I will look at your application personally and assess whether you are at all suitable for the mentoring session.

2. Choose a Date

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Warning: I only have a limited number of shooting spots.

Here's what you'll discover inside a 1on1 Coaching session 

1. Organisation 

A good organization on a computer, lets you store and retrieve images faster

2. Camera RAW

I will show you the correct settings in Camera RAW

3. Clean Up

I will show you my little trick for a perfect Face Clean up in Photoshop without the stamp tool.

4. Local & Global Dodge & Burn 

Get the best out of your Photo

5. The Perfect Saving

Everyone wants a super amazing sharp picture for Instagram. I will show you the trick

Here are some of my favorite projects


WARNING: This May Be Not For You..

I get countless applications every day from all over the world. 
Therefore, this application process is tied to requirements! 

The following is important so that I can accept you in the application process:

You have to be open minded & coachable.

I will guide you in everything what i know about Photoshop and editing 

You have to be able to invest time, money & work ...

If you're not able to invest basic resources, I can NOT guarantee that the pictures will look good

You have to be positive

If you don't get it right the first time, don't be downhearted. That is normal if you do something for the first time.

You need to be able to communicate

Talk to me if you don't understand something. 

You need to be nice, polite and enjoy the process.

I expect best behavior. I can stop mentoring at any time if I notice that you are not listening or participating properly. Don't be in your car, at a train station or in a noisy environment.

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